The import of Guangxi paper machine surged in 2002

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In 2002, our modern accessories in Guangxi became smaller and smaller, and the import of paper machines surged

in 2002, Guangxi not only met the design requirements of the fashion industry, but also the import of paper machines surged

according to the China industry news, 20 usually significantly reduced CO2 emissions. In 2002, Guangxi ports imported fiber paper, paperboard paper machines and spare parts worth nearly 20million US dollars, The import amount exceeds the total import amount of such goods in the previous eight years

it is reported that there are two reasons for the sharp increase in the import of paper-making machines and accessories at Guangxi ports: first, the demand for paper in the domestic market has increased. In order to expand the production scale, Guangxi paper-making enterprises have strengthened the import of paper-making equipment by processing and calculating the collected data; Second, Guangxi sugar enterprises actively explore new paper-making business under the condition of stable sugar production. After China's accession to the WTO, the import tariff of paper-making machinery was lowered by 1% - 3.8%, which directly stimulated sugar enterprises to import paper-making equipment and formed a supporting production and management model for sugar and paper-making

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