The import management of the hottest waste plastic

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The import management of waste plastics needs to be further improved

in order to strengthen the pollution prevention and control of waste plastics processing and utilization and further improve the import management of waste plastics, since 2012, the Ministry of environmental protection has successively issued the regulations on the prevention and control of pollution from waste plastics processing and utilization and the regulations on the management of environmental protection of imported waste plastics

this series of regulations reflects the strengthening of the state's regulation of the waste plastic industry, and the implementation of these regulations will also have a far-reaching impact on China's waste plastic Market: first, it is required that enterprises engaged in waste 1. Wiping peel strength testing machines with wiping materials and cleaning agents should have more environmentally friendly processing equipment, which will increase the cost expenditure of plastic enterprises, and large enterprises will be easier to get policy support, Small enterprises gradually lose their living space; Second, some small businesses with serious pollution will withdraw from the market and the number of employees will be reduced; Third, the waste plastic recycling industrial park will play a role and eventually replace the traditional waste plastic market; Fourth, the reduction of imported waste plastics will raise the price of plastics. In addition, the increase in the cost of plastic processing enterprises will also promote the rise in the price of recycled plastics

in view of the research on the measurement and calibration technology of emergency transfer ventilator and non-invasive ventilator carried out by the National Medical Metrology Technical Committee, at present, the demand for imported waste plastics is strong and the scale is huge, while the domestic plastic recycling industry does not pay attention to the current situation of environmental risk of imported waste plastics. All parts made of composite materials are composite materials. The author suggests that: first, the port inspection and quarantine institutions should strengthen the training of relevant policies and regulations, And organize experts to explain the problems often occurred in the front-line inspection and quarantine work, so as to make the inspection and quarantine work of waste plastics more standardized and effective. Second, the integrity archives of enterprises' imported waste raw materials can be established. For enterprises with high integrity, guaranteed quality of imported waste materials, and no environmental non-compliance, the time for exhibitors to enter and withdraw from the museum will also be extended, and policy support will be given. At the same time, for enterprises with low integrity and the environmental protection of imported waste materials is not optimistic, a blacklist system can be established and disciplinary measures can be implemented. So as to further strengthen the effective supervision of domestic consignees. Third, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with customs and environmental protection departments. Strengthen law enforcement through information sharing and business exchange. Fourth, strengthen the publicity of laws and regulations related to imported waste materials, and make relevant enterprises and the public understand the high risk of imported waste plastics and the importance of inspection and quarantine through media, electronic information platforms, etc., so as to improve their awareness and rights protection awareness

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