The import of copy paper in Japan increased

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The import of Japanese copy paper increased

according to the published Japanese trade statistics, the import volume of Japanese ordinary copy paper (PPC paper) in May this year was 17500 tons, setting the highest record in a single month in the past, about twice that of the same period last year

the sources of Japan's imported copy paper are Indonesia and Chinese Mainland. App's Indonesian backbone factory is the largest supplier. Its supply in May was the same as that in April, while the import volume from Chinese Mainland reached 1400 tons in May, an increase of 2.2 times over the previous month. Its main supplier is Oufen Huichuan paper company based in Changshu, China. The biggest advantage of Chinese Mainland's paper products is that the price is low, even lower than that of app, Therefore, its market share is increasing

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the copy paper imported in May has been widely spread in Japan, but at the annual conference of the European Waste Recycling Association (BIR) held in Hong Kong at the end of May, the share of the country has reached 2. Malaysia thanks China for its cooperation of 1%, compared with 15% in the same period last year. Although some large paper companies in Japan, such as Prince paper and Japanese paper, have planned to raise the price of Japanese made copy paper, Finally, it was blocked by the increase of the number of imported paper

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