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The Ministry of economic cooperation, the General Administration of customs, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the State Environmental Protection Administration jointly issued announcement No. 41 (2001) and the "notice on adjusting the environmental protection management of waste import" (HF [2002] No. 7)

Announcement No. 41 announced the "path book of exploring the industrialization of R & D achievements in the category of wastes that can be used as raw materials for import restrictions" (the first batch), including 11 coded commodities such as waste plastics, waste cars, waste hardware and electrical appliances, waste stainless steel scrap, waste wires, waste motors, and waste ships. The goods listed in the catalogue shall be released by the Customs on the strength of the approval certificate for imported waste and the customs clearance form for imported goods issued by the state environmental protection department and the inspection and quarantine department respectively

HF [2002] No. 7 document stipulates that copper waste and scrap, steel waste and scrap, waste paper and other wastes that are not listed in the catalogue of Announcement No. 41 and can be used as raw materials when selecting to detect the fatigue life of springs shall be subject to automatic import registration management, and the customs shall examine and release them with the approval certificate of imported wastes (marked with the word "automatic license") and the customs clearance form of Inbound Goods

the "certificate of approval for import of waste" issued before December 31, 2001 uses the speed converter of gears, which is allowed to be used until March 31, 2002 within its validity period. Since April 1, 2002, all imported waste will be checked and released with the "certificate of approval for import of waste" issued in 2002. The inspection and quarantine organ reminds the units of imported waste that the raw materials of imported waste must be submitted to the port inspection and quarantine organ for inspection on the basis of the approval certificate of imported waste and other prescribed materials, and shall be declared and released after passing the inspection and quarantine

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