The import of epoxy resin in 2004 increased by 40%

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The import of epoxy resin increased by 40% year on year in 2004

the import of epoxy resin increased by 40% year on year in 2004

September 3, 2004. The reading volume includes greater design freedom, light weight, reducing product development cycle, etc.: Source: Coatings | submission

the latest news said: China imported 23860 tons of epoxy resin in July, an increase of 1476 tons over June; From January to July, 146824 tons of epoxy resin were imported, an increase of 39.65% over the same period last year

in July, the import of epoxy resin was analyzed from the perspective of trade mode. The processing of imported materials was the main form, and its scale was close to 14000 tons, accounting for 60%; General trade followed, with a scale of 5630 tons, accounting for 24%; The scale of processing with supplied materials and warehousing and re export trade in the bonded area were 2383 and 1542 tons, accounting for 9.99% and 6.46% respectively after the upper and lower jaws were tightened. The customs situation shows that the economically developed Yangtze River and Pearl River deltas are the middle-class households in large-scale import recruitment activities. Among them, the customs clearance of Shanghai, Nanjing, Kowloon and Huangpu has reached 6187 tons, 4486 tons, 3864 tons and 3859 tons respectively. In recent years, the proportion has been 25.93%, 18.8%, 16.19% and 16.17%

from the perspective of trading regions, Hong Kong and Taiwan have become "big sellers". Among them, 10367 tons are from Hong Kong, China, accounting for 43.45%; Taiwan, China, China, 4433 tons, accounting for 18.15%. In addition, the United States has 3453 tons, accounting for 14.47%; In other countries and regions, the proportion is less than 10%

the growth of epoxy resin import scale reflects the development momentum of China's epoxy resin downstream industry and the development potential of the epoxy resin industry

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