The import of natural rubber at the hottest Guangd

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The import of natural rubber at Guangdong ports increased

according to the customs statistics, the prices of cathode materials, cathode materials, lithium battery copper foil and other prices rose generally. In January this year, the import of natural rubber at Guangdong ports increased instead of falling, with an import volume of 14400 tons, valued at $14.37 million, an increase of 99.7% and 1.1 times respectively over the same period last year; The average price per ton was US $1000, which was basically the same as the import price in January last year. It is understood that the natural rubber import at Guangdong port increased instead of decreased in January mainly because the natural rubber Park was not damaged in the tsunami disaster. Moreover, with the growth of production and export in related industries, the domestic demand for rubber is increasing. The import price of synthetic rubber, a substitute for natural rubber, has increased significantly, more than 20% higher than that of natural rubber. Enterprises are more willing to choose to use natural rubber

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