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Shijiazhuang's renovation market says no to stealing beams and changing columns from now on

Shijiazhuang's renovation market says no to stealing beams and changing columns from now on

August 14, 2013

[China paint information] recently, Mr. Su in Shijiazhuang held his breath: the new house he just bought is being renovated, but the decoration and repair company is not only cutting corners, but also counterfeiting famous brands for the installed sockets. When he theorized with it, I believe that many consumers have similar experiences as Mr. Su, but this situation is expected to be solved in the near future - this morning, Shijiazhuang Administration for Industry and Commerce held a mobilization meeting for the special rectification of the "decoration market", announced that it would launch a one month special rectification action from now, and issued the work plan for the special rectification of the decoration market (hereinafter referred to as the plan), LCD real-time display; Say "no" to the "cheating" behavior in the decoration market

according to Jin Zenglu, deputy director of the market department of Shijiazhuang Administration for Industry and commerce, in recent years, when cleaning and inspecting the decoration market, it was found that some decoration materials, such as power plugs, sockets, lamps, coatings, paints, wallpaper, plates, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and anti-theft doors, had problems such as false signs, fraudulent use of famous and high-quality trademarks, forgery of factory name and address, lack of weight and so on. Some decoration companies rely on their own technical and professional advantages to cut corners on work and materials, reduce chemical technology, calculate more construction area and use unfair contracts to infringe on the interests of consumers

according to the requirements of M1 - auxiliary countertop quality (kg) in the plan, the industry and Commerce bureaus of Shijiazhuang counties (cities and districts) will conduct a comprehensive cleaning and inspection of each decoration market and business households within their jurisdiction, focusing on whether they have a business license and whether they operate according to the light; Product origin, brand, quality certificate, whether there are false marks, shoddy and other illegal acts; Whether the product trademark is true, legal and effective, and whether there are acts of counterfeiting registered trademarks and famous trademarks; Whether there is any false propaganda; Whether the product is short in weight, size, thickness shrinkage and other behaviors

at the same time, the scheme does not specify the decoration process existing in the current decoration; Calculate more decoration area according to unreasonable industry practice; The written expression of the contract is not clear, and too many industry terms that are easy to cause misunderstanding are used; No indoor environmental quality inspection standard; The warranty period set in the contract violates the provisions of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development (the minimum warranty period for residential interior decoration works is two years, and the anti leakage of kitchens and toilets with waterproof requirements is five years). It clearly requires all county (city, district) industrial and commercial bureaus to strengthen supervision and law enforcement, strictly investigate and deal with relevant violations, and strengthen the deterrence of violations of decoration

in addition, the plan also requires the industrial and commercial bureaus of all counties (cities and districts) to receive complaints and reports from consumers, check them and find out the results, and feed back the situation to consumers in time. In addition to calling 12315 for complaint reporting, consumers can also call the following in Shijiazhuang: Municipal Bureau, Qiaodong, Qiaoxi, Chang'an, Xinhua, Yuhua and high tech Zone


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