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Wuhan fake and inferior fire-proof glass production line was found for the first time. An unqualified glass factory produced fake brand fire-proof glass and used it for building installation of about 2000 square meters. Wuhan police announced yesterday that they had destroyed the fake and inferior fire-proof glass production line, and all five suspects involved were arrested

during sample testing, the fake and inferior fire-proof glass involved in the case can only last for 15 minutes at the simulated fire scene, while the fire-resistant time of qualified products is more than 90 minutes

pressure testing machine is also known as electronic pressure testing machine defense (2) dig a hole of fire glass down the installation position of the testing machine

at the beginning of May this year, the provincial public security fire brigade received a report saying that the fire glass installed at a construction site in Xudong area of Wuchang was a fake and inferior product. During the visit, the technicians found that the fire-proof glass referred to was suspected to counterfeit a brand in Jiangsu, and its production place was in Wuhan. Wuhan economic investigation police quickly intervened in the investigation, and found the installed fake and shoddy prevention at the construction site. 1. It is not difficult to see the 1940 square meters of fire glass literally, and found Wuhan Xiaodan Glass Co., Ltd. located in the north of Hankou, and found the same 300 square meters of glass in the company's warehouse

These parts can replace the metal parts in the vehicle

after investigation, the "small but" company does not have the qualification to produce fire-proof glass at all. Through the Construction Party of Xudong construction site, xintianyu company invited technicians from Chengdu to illegally produce the glass, which was falsely produced by a brand in Jiangsu. In the experiment, these fake glasses began to burst in only 15 minutes at the simulated fire scene. The fire department said that the fire resistance time of qualified glass should be more than 90 minutes, "and such glass may pose a fatal threat to the escape personnel"

by the 10th of this month, five people, including Dan, the boss of Xiaodan company, Wang, the head of xintianyu company, and Luo, the so-called Chengdu expert, had been arrested by the police. According to the investigation, Luo, who was employed, had only a junior high school education

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