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Wuhan Agricultural Exhibition: when "square dance" meets "waltz"

Wuhan Agricultural Exhibition: when "square dance" meets "waltz"

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with the strong entry of nearly 100 agricultural machinery enterprises from dozens of countries such as the United States, Germany and Italy into this Wuhan Agricultural Exhibition, the internationalization of China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition has reached a higher level. With the international agricultural machinery enterprises accelerating their entry into the Chinese market, the differences between Chinese and foreign enterprises in business philosophy, marketing mode and other aspects are more clearly displayed on the agricultural exhibition stage, quite a bit of "square dance" meets the meaning of "waltz"

at the exhibition, the vast majority of domestic enterprises regard the agricultural exhibition as a huge store. A staff member of Shifeng casually told the author, "the agricultural exhibition is to gather popularity and be lively." There are not a few domestic enterprises with such a mentality, so domestic enterprises pay more attention to the excitement and attract eyeballs. Therefore, at the agricultural exhibition, most domestic enterprises made efforts in these two aspects and danced the "square dance". Almost all enterprises have engaged in interaction, issuing small gifts to the audience, finding several models to show or plan some small games, and the main task of the staff has also become a scream. In the booth of Wuzheng, the staff almost shouted hard all day from morning to night, focusing on attracting the audience to participate in small games. The huge noise made people even a little headache. On the contrary, many viewers who want to see the products at the nearby booth frowned and left

in sharp contrast to the bustle of domestic enterprises, the exhibition area of foreign enterprises is "a little deserted": there are no fancy activities, no annoying noise, and some elaborate exhibition arrangements and small details that fit the enterprise philosophy, showing an elegant "waltz". In the center of AGCO's booth, the model of a demonstration farm shows originality: from sowing to harvesting, from fertilization to deep processing, all agricultural machinery and equipment are AGCO's products, which virtually shows their strength and ideas. However, the smile wall exhibited by AGCO for many years in a row has captured the hearts of users unconsciously

another interesting scene is that almost all domestic enterprises fill the exhibition area with products, and they can't wait to fill all the booths of "every inch of land and every inch of money". However, "a large number of people" may not be "powerful". This uniform exhibition arrangement can not only highlight the image of the enterprise, but also drown the main products of the enterprise's characteristics and highlights in the "queue" of the exhibits, only in return for the group to achieve a sales volume of 30.328 billion yuan, which is the end of "everyone is gone". On the contrary, when Guoxin company wants to establish the business philosophy of customer first and service first, the exhibition arrangement of agricultural machinery giants appears to be a little "extravagant and wasteful". In its huge exhibition area, New Holland only placed five products to refill the oil cylinder with the restart proportional valve, and left the most eye-catching central position of the exhibition area to the "little man" - the core "axial flow roller" of the harvesting machinery of the enterprise. However, it is this seemingly empty layout that reveals the momentum and strength of the enterprise

is it "square dance" or "stress Waltz when yielding". On the surface, it reflects the different understanding of enterprises on agricultural exhibitions. On the deep level, it is the difference of enterprise marketing ideas. The agricultural exhibition is not a hypermarket. It is not only the display of enterprise products, but also the concentrated embodiment of enterprise strength and image. Similarly, enterprise marketing cannot be just a simple product purchase and sale, but more importantly, it is to export the value and concept of the enterprise

"square dance" is an entertainment and fitness project, no matter how lively it is, and it can't ascend the palace of art. From "square dance" to "waltz", the key is to combine enterprise values and ideas and change marketing ideas. From this perspective, there is still much to learn for domestic agricultural machinery enterprises, including China Yituo

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