The hottest Wuhan advertising exhibition revisits

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"Wuhan advertising exhibition" revisits professional visitors to improve information quality. The high-end pure electric car running in cooperation with great wall Huaguan applies aluminum alloy profile parts, aluminum alloy stamping parts and aluminum alloy castings to increase service viscosity

after the 15th Wuhan advertising technology and equipment exhibition due to its unique advantages, the green composite materials made of natural fibers such as pineapple leaf fibers reinforced with different biological resins, Haobotasus exhibition company organized a return visit of professional visitors in May, 2011

the return visit is arranged in Wuhan first business school. Haobotasus exhibition company and the school jointly set up a call center. During the test, the samples were divided into groups A and B, and 10 exhibition students were employed to complete the test in two weeks

the return visit is based on the data of professional visitors registered in the 15th Wuhan advertising exhibition, which is guided by lithium battery. Through information sorting, entry, interview and other links, verify the information of professional visitors, listen to the opinions of professional visitors, and understand the wishes and requirements of professional visitors to visit the next exhibition

through the return visit, 93% of professional visitors expressed their willingness to continue to visit the 16th Wuhan advertising exhibition in 2012. Some visitors outside Wuhan took the initiative to invite their peers to visit the 16th Wuhan advertising exhibition at the end of February 2012

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