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Wuhan Desai developed special gravure UV curable glazing oil

UV curable glazing paint is one of the three environmental protection coatings that are widely accepted and respected by people together with water-based paint and powder paint. Because of its unique low-temperature rapid curing performance and superior decorative effect, it is more and more widely used in many industries. UV varnish has been used in paper printing for nearly a decade in China and has become an important means of post press decoration. After the plastic lamination process has been phased out due to environmental protection problems, UV glazing is the only process that can achieve the lamination texture. UV varnish can not only be fully polished, but also locally polished. And you can also thicken and modify parts according to the needs of printing to form a special stacking effect, which can't be achieved by other varnishes. Today, in pursuit of quality and artistic effect, UV varnish is used more and more widely, with more and more varieties of special functions and richer decorative effects

uv varnish is composed of photosensitive resin, active diluent and photoinitiator. Under UV irradiation, free radical chain reaction can occur, and all components of the coating molecules participate in the reaction and quickly cross-linked polymerization, curing into a film. Therefore, UV varnish has no VOC emission; At the same time, due to the high intermolecular crosslinking density and excellent film-forming performance when UV light oil is cured, it has not only high gloss, but also incomparable wear resistance, water and oil resistance, film fullness and film strength

the most prominent problem in the use of UV varnish is the viscosity problem. The high viscosity was once the main reason why the application of UV varnish was limited. UV varnish is composed of three parts, of which the main component is photosensitive oligomer resin. Due to synthesis reasons, the viscosity of oligomer is generally high, so it is necessary to dilute and reduce viscosity with active diluent. Although the active diluent participates in the crosslinking reaction during curing, the dosage can only be controlled within a certain proportion, and excessive dosage will affect or even change the film-forming performance

in terms of paper printing decoration, but it cannot be converted into products, the most commonly used process methods for UV glazing are silk screen glazing and offset glazing. UV screen printing is generally polished with the number of mesh, and the gloss viscosity is 1100 ± 100cps (25 ℃). The printing viscosity of offset varnish is generally required to be within seconds (25 ℃, coated -4 cups), and the maximum is not more than 50 seconds. Too high viscosity will affect the leveling performance of varnish. Generally, UV varnish can meet the printing requirements at room temperature, but when the temperature is low, the viscosity of UV varnish is too high, and it must be reduced by heating. Now general UV polishers are equipped with heating devices to heat the varnish to ℃, and the viscosity can generally be adjusted to the range of use. Unfortunately, in order to reduce costs, many manufacturers add a certain amount of solvent to UV varnish to reduce the viscosity of varnish. This practice increases environmental pollution and affects the glazing effect. The addition of solvent will affect the gloss and curing time, and also have a certain impact on the adhesion

at present, water-based glazing oil is mainly used in concave printing and glazing, and UV glazing oil is less used. There are two main reasons for this. One is that UV glazing oil is difficult to achieve lower viscosity, and the other is that the curing time is difficult to meet the requirements of high-speed printing of more than 120 meters/minute. Gravure printing process is not only fast, but also has low light and oil consumption and lower cost, which is more suitable for the printing of large quantities of printed materials. Because UV varnish has better glazing decorative effect, people have been looking for UV varnish that can meet the requirements of gravure printing process. In the past two years, foreign related products have entered China, but a large number of applications have not yet been launched

after years of research, Wuhan University and Wuhan Desai high tech research and Development Co., Ltd. have overcome the technical problem of the synthesis of photosensitive oligomer resin with ultra-low viscosity. This technology greatly reduces the viscosity of UV varnish, and the curing speed of varnish is nearly 4 times higher than that of ordinary UV varnish. The gravure UV varnish synthesized by this method has achieved very satisfactory results in the application of gravure printing, and the product quality fully meets the quality standards of imported products, which has made outstanding contributions to the development of gravure UV glazing in China

Wuhan Desai high tech research and Development Co., Ltd. is a professional company that researches and develops special acrylic resins and various modified acrylic resins. The Desai series printing varnish produced by the company has three categories and more than 20 varieties. The company is presided over by several returned doctors from the United States. Through extensive cooperation with Wuhan University and Peking University, the company has been at the international forefront in the development and research of special resins and special printing varnish. The technical indicators of the anti-skid and wear-resistant water-based polish and high and gentle water-based Polish developed and produced by the company completely exceed those of imported products, and the product technology is at the international leading level, making China's high-end packaging production enter the international advanced ranks. Desai company is also at the international advanced level in the research and development of ultra weather resistant and corrosion-resistant water-based varnish and wet/wet high-speed polishing water-based varnish. In the production of cigarette packaging, food packaging, drug packaging, alcoholic beverage packaging and electrical packaging, desaite products have been highly praised by the majority of users for their complete variety, stable performance and excellent technical services

Wuhan Desai high tech research and Development Co., Ltd. has made remarkable achievements in the research and development of UV photosensitive resin and UV curing varnish. The most prominent scientific research achievements are ds1201 aqueous UV varnish and ds102 gravure UV varnish. Water based UV varnish reduces the irritation of UV varnish to human body. It can be cleaned with water in the process of use, reduces the use of cleaning solvent in the process of product use, and further improves the level of environmental protection and health. The viscosity of gravure UV varnish is seconds (25 ℃, coating - 4 cups), and the curing time can meet the printing requirements of meters/minute. The product has good leveling, high gloss and strong adhesion. It is an ideal replacement product for imported products

the technology research center established by Wuhan Desai high tech research and Development Co., Ltd. in Wuhan University, through cooperation with experts and professors of Wuhan University, continues to innovate and strive to forge ahead, with the purpose of "continuously improving product performance, strengthening technical services, helping customers create value, establishing a lasting partnership with customers, and constantly improving customer satisfaction". Every year, a large amount of funds will be used to develop new products and technologies to improve the performance of products and grasp the pulse of customer demand; Creative improvements in sales, technical services, supply and other aspects ensure that the company can always provide timely solutions to customers' problems, and trial produce and install the raw materials used for the first time, new processes, new formulas and new models compared with three years ago. In recent years, automobile lightweight has become an effective measure to reduce automobile emissions and improve combustion efficiency. The detection of safety and health control projects is an effective and comprehensive solution. According to the needs of customers, the company will send professional technicians to provide on-site service at any time, provide customers with product use guidance, and actively assist customers in solving problems encountered in the printing process

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