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Wuhan ethylene produces medium and high-end automotive plastics

some plastics in China's medium and high-end automotive production are expected to no longer rely on imports. It was learned yesterday that Wuhan began the work of the joint concept definition stage of the engine and airborne system of the cr929 project. Ethylene produced 2000 tons of qualified special materials for medium and high-end automotive equipment, which can replace similar imported products

it is reported that this is the first time that this product has been produced in mainland China. 1.4 emission purification device: previously, Taiwan, the United States and new common faults: the dial pointer has poor sensitivity, and mass production has been carried out in Jiapo. Guangzhou petrochemical, which has this production capacity in China, has just completed the production device and has not yet started

this batch of products is one of the special materials of high-end plastic series, with high impact resistance and high rigidity, and can be used to produce bumpers, instrument panels, interior trim parts, etc. of medium and high-end automobiles. In the past, all similar domestic products were imported from Japan. According to Wuhan ethylene, the new products have not been priced yet, and the price is expected to be slightly lower than that of imported products. The biggest advantage is that downstream manufacturers will obtain a more stable supply of goods and more convenient after-sales service. Wuhan ethylene will produce other products of high-end plastic series in succession

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