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All Wuhan chemical enterprises will move out of the central urban area next year

on December 2, the executive meeting of the Wuhan municipal government approved the Wuhan action plan for improving air quality (2013-2017) in principle, requiring the closure or relocation of chemical enterprises within the Third Ring Road to be completed next year. This is another major measure after the "Implementation Opinions on accelerating the relocation and renovation of chemical enterprises within the Third Ring Road" passed by the executive meeting of Wuhan municipal government on August 4, 2008, which issued an ultimatum to the chemical enterprises within the Third Ring Road of Wuhan

since 2008, 127 chemical enterprises in the Third Ring Road of Wuhan have been shut down, or furniture and art works that are soft on the outside and hard on the inside have been born, and 40 of them have been relocated, of which the relocated chemical enterprises have settled in the North Lake Group of Wuhan chemical new city, zuoling chemical urban industrial park in Hongshan District, Huanggang in the province, etc. These relocated enterprises have shown a rapid development momentum. Facing the current severe situation of urban air pollution, the Wuhan municipal government once again stipulated that the remaining 87 chemical enterprises in the third ring road would be shut down or relocated next year

chemical enterprises: upgrade by relocation planning

from the global situation we know, "the more developed places are, the more reasonable the distance between hazardous chemical enterprises and cities is. After we plan to move to Huanggang chemical park, we will achieve sales of 1billion yuan in about five years. At that time, the future development of the enterprise will be optimistic if all kinds of resources and energy are reasonably integrated. Said zhanghengming, chairman of Wuhan Qingjiang Chemical Co., Ltd

as early as November 2009, Qingjiang chemical signed a contract with Huanggang municipal government to invest 550 million yuan to move its headquarters to Huanggang chemical park. At present, the relocation work is being vigorously promoted, and the Huanggang production project will be basically completed this year. It is understood that before the relocation, in order to ensure safety and environmental protection, Qingjiang chemical specially asked relevant research institutions to make a soil remediation plan for the original site of the enterprise, so as to eliminate potential safety and environmental hazards. I am related to the life and health of the general public and social stability. We should adhere to the last minute without safety and environmental protection. The plastic tensile testing machine adopts the integrated design of motor 1. After living and working in this place for decades, we should finally bid farewell to it in a clean and honest manner and go to a new place for development. Zhang hengming warned the cadres and employees of the enterprise

Wuhan inorganic salt chemical plant is a key foreign exchange earning enterprise in the petrochemical industry in Hubei Province, and is also among the relocation enterprises. On December 18, 2009, the plant signed a contract with zuoling Chemical Industrial Park in Hongshan District, and plans to move from Qiaokou District to zuoling town in Hongshan District. The relocation and reconstruction project plans to invest 500million yuan and use 250 mu of land. After completion, it will form a production scale of 200000 tons per year and realize an annual sales revenue of 1.5 billion yuan

at present, the relocation and reconstruction work is being carried out in an orderly manner. After entering zuoling Chemical City Industrial Park, our factory is expected to realize the transformation from extensive type to fine type, industrial and agricultural level to food and pharmaceutical level, and realize green, circular and safe development. Nie Zhiping, director of the inorganic salt chemical plant, said

Wuhan Fangyuan titanium dioxide Co., Ltd. has made it clear to relocate to Huanggang chemical industry park, covering an area of 300 mu, with an investment of 350million yuan to build a clean production titanium dioxide relocation project with an annual output of 25000 tons of pyrite and titanium cogeneration method. It is planned to be completed in 2015. It is expected that the annual sales revenue will be 350million yuan and the total profit will be 25million yuan. At present, it is preliminarily planned to build a production plant with an annual output of 30000 tons of rutile titanium dioxide in Huanggang, and the environmental impact assessment of the project has begun

relocation is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for us. Relying on our years of production and operation practice and the construction experience of Qianjiang plant project, the successful relocation will greatly enhance the overall strength of the enterprise. At the same time, it will fundamentally improve the working environment of employees. Said Maoming, general manager of the company

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