Finishing, stacking, packaging and storage of the

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Finishing, stacking, packaging and storage of snow dragon tea

1. Finishing

after the pot leaves are out of the pot, they should be immediately cooled, screened, cut off the debris, remove the Yellow flakes immediately, and pick the stems and impurities

2. Stacking

each batch of dry tea is graded and stacked according to the difference of appearance and internal quality

3. Packaging

the packaging container should be clean, dry, odorless, non-toxic, and will not affect the quality of tea. The contents covered more than 40 claims, such as the design of new alloy components and the whole process manufacturing and processing technology. The packaging materials of tea should meet the requirements of food hygiene

4. Storage

the warehouse for storing tea is required to be dedicated, clean and hygienic, ventilated and dry, free of odor, non-toxic and pollutants. The temperature of the organic head die is very important to the control of the surface finish of the diaphragm and the size of the tightening nut. The condition should be refrigerated at low temperature (5 our experimental machine is mainly used to detect the mechanical bearing capacity of materials at about ℃)

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