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The self leveling spray polyurea material has been successfully developed.

recently, Wei welcomes Ningbo citizens to experience the self leveling spray polyurea material first developed by Fang Dehua polymer new material Co., Ltd. in China. This material not only has excellent physical and chemical properties, which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional spray polyurea flooring materials, but also has high cost performance. Once the product is launched, it immediately attracted extensive attention of users

it is reported that the self leveling spray polyurea elastomer developed by Weifang Dehua is beautiful and comfortable, has good impact resistance and toughness, and has excellent anti-corrosion, water-proof and dust-proof properties, and is very easy to clean. The material system is solvent-free and meets the requirements of environmental protection. The quality ratio of pure polyurea with La and GA is 25/75~75/25, which avoids the risk of blistering and foaming, and has low requirements for environmental humidity. Compared with the traditional spray polyurea flooring materials, the gel time of polyurea system is greatly extended, up to more than ten minutes, and there is enough time to level, and finally form a continuous, dense, flat and bright surface like epoxy flooring. At the same time, it has excellent wear resistance, which is several times higher than traditional materials, and its service life is longer. According to the needs of users, this material can be made into antistatic, anti-skid and other materials with specific functions

the grade of floor materials is getting higher and higher from the previous concrete floor to the later ground painting, and then to the epoxy floor that has been used for nearly 20 years. Spray polyurea, a new material and technology, has been widely used in various industries due to its advantages of convenient construction, environmental protection and excellent comprehensive performance of materials. Especially when applied in the field of flooring, it has won the unanimous praise of the majority of customers that this series of works means a constantly changing vitality quotient for Koizumi. However, the traditional polyurea also has some shortcomings in its application. Because the reaction speed of polyurea is very fast, and the gel time is usually only 10 seconds, the final ground sprayed cannot form a flat and bright plane, and there is a layer of small particles on the surface, which is not beautiful enough and difficult to clean for indoor ground and other applications

self leveling spray polyurea material is widely used and has a very broad application prospect. At present, the annual consumption of epoxy floor is nearly one million tons. The self leveling spray polyurea material can completely replace the epoxy floor. As a more high-grade floor material with better performance, its cost performance is higher. Instead of the expensive wooden floor, it is not afraid of blisters and has no risk of containing formaldehyde. It is more comfortable, less noisy and cheaper to walk

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