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Successful development of self-cleaning and self-cleaning film

recently, a spray waterproof film with self-cleaning is developed by basfire company, which takes carbon fiber or carbon fiber fabric as the enhancement of body cleaning function

when drying, this film forms a nanostructured surface that mimics the surface of lotus leaves. The wax nanocrystals with a diameter of about I nn: are arranged in the form of peaks and valleys, which makes the experimental machine undergo another technical upgrade. The water on the replacement surface becomes water droplets and rolls down, and the surface can remain dry under heavy rain. At the same time, the water droplets collect fine dust particles when rolling, so as to achieve the effect of "self-cleaning" of the surface. The film based on polypropylene, polyethylene and wax nanoparticles can be used to make self-cleaning windows. It can also be used in papermaking, leather, textile and masonry construction. This kind of film can be sprayed onto the surface of the object with commonly used aerosol. When its effect gradually disappears, it can be sprayed again easily

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