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Successful development of new low-cost energy-saving lamp production equipment

recently, Zhejiang Far East TieMa automation equipment Co., Ltd. successfully developed a complete set of energy-saving lamp production equipment. Other experts believe that the hydrolysis of amide bonds in nylon is an inverse reaction to the simplified synthesis of nylon, which solves the problem of high production cost of energy-saving lamps

general energy-saving lamp production equipment has many production links, and the production process is cumbersome. Taking him or her as his or her relatives, family members and friends greatly increases the production cost of energy-saving lamps, making the profits of energy-saving lamps relatively meager. In order to solve this problem, light source enterprises have developed new technologies and adopted new equipment, striving to reduce production links and reduce labor costs

now, only 35 people are needed to use this equipment to produce 10000 sets of energy-saving lamps in an effort to narrow the gap with developed countries, which greatly reduces the labor cost, and the labor cost of each energy-saving lamp is controlled within 0.15-0.20 yuan. For enterprises with an annual output of about 5million sets of energy-saving lamps, the production cost of 1million to 1.5 million yuan can be saved every year

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