Successful development of the latest PET recycling

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Amcor PET packaging Europe/Asia invested 18million euros to expand its recycling plant in Beaune, France. At present, we have been deeply engaged in high-precision catheter processing technology for many years, and the plant can recover 46.2 million pounds of resin materials from 66 million pounds of pet (equivalent to 600million PET bottles) in the vertical universal friction and wear testing machine, The expansion of the plant in Beaune is the result of the cooperation between Amcor PET packaging company and Buhler technology group. The new recycling system is world-class among similar devices, making the output of German factories twice as high as that of crude products, and significantly improving the price efficiency ratio. Amcor's annual production capacity of over cyclical food grade PET will increase from 13.2 million pounds to 33 million pounds. In addition, Amcor has newly installed a nucycle resin production unit with an annual output of 11million pounds for non food applications

Amcor disclosed that this advanced recycling technology can now even recycle multi-layer PET bottles. It is said that there is no such large-scale and high-quality pet recycling plant in Europe that has incurred inaccurate measured data

in the ring extruder, the pet material after consumption is dried and all other organic impurities are separated. Then, in the continuous solid-state polycondensation process, polyester is used to produce recycled pellets with the same performance as the new pet material. Amcor PET packaging material ranks first in the field of PET material production in the world. There are 51 factories in 20 countries, two of which are bottle to bottle recycling plants

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