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The researchers of Wuhan Institute of modern industrial technology shut down the controller and computer staff, and the production technology of regenerating PE, PP, PVC waste plastics, crop straw and wood fiber into new environmental protection industrial packaging trays has been successfully developed, and has passed the appraisal of Hubei Provincial Department of science and technology. The application of this technology can not only produce pallets for packaging, but also produce industrial packaging materials with multi-sensor wire edge connection without short circuit, such as packaging boxes, support frames, moisture-proof cushion boards, building templates and other products. In addition to the advantages of high hardness, good decoration, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion, non moth eaten, antistatic, flame retardant and so on, the service life of this product is more than 5 times longer than that of ordinary wood packaging materials, which is the same as that of packaging materials made of new plastics, and the cost can be reduced by more than 50%----- Zhuochuang information

(2) source of resolution information: National Plastic processing industry information center

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