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A new generation of photovoltaic inverter has been successfully developed.

solar energy is generated through the conversion of solar panels. The main process parameters. However, the power converted by the battery board is DC. To truly become the AC that can be used in most occasions, there is no lack of a special equipment inverter. For many years, this technology has been monopolized by foreign companies. Recently, through independent innovation, Shanghai zhuiri electric company successfully developed a new generation of photovoltaic inverter, which is crucial to the solar photovoltaic industry, and its household products have been put into practical use

according to Chen Jianguo, President of zhurizhi electric company, the reason why zhurizhi electric company did not choose the R & D and production of photovoltaic materials such as polysilicon, which were very popular in China a few years ago, but chose photovoltaic inverter is not only because it is necessary to master inverter, a core technology that is still monopolized by foreign companies, to see the development of China's photovoltaic industry, It is also because the principle of active filter technology and inverter technology owned by sun chasing Electric is similar, and there is a certain technical accumulation. In order to develop photovoltaic inverters faster and better, chase electric also cooperated with Huazhong University of science and technology, which is at the forefront of domestic research in this field

after countless tests, sun chasing electric finally developed a photovoltaic inverter. The test shows that this inverter can not only convert direct current into alternating current, but also has the function of automatic voltage stabilization, so as to improve the quality of power supply at the same time. Compared with similar international products, this product has many advantages, such as high conversion efficiency, wide tracking voltage range, low harmonic distortion rate of output current, high intelligence, high reliability and high cost performance

Chen Jianguo told that Zhuri Electric has started construction in Xiangfan, Hubei Province. Research and storage of energy is also an industry heavy asset. Researchers need to combine lignin and soft polymer matrix with photovoltaic system inverter technology research and development base. Its main buildings use solar photovoltaic technology, solar photothermal technology, new energy-saving and environmental protection materials and other high-end products, which rely heavily on imported high-molecular materials industry for scientific and technological design and construction

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