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Successful development of skid mounted polymer/crosslinker dispensing device

skid mounted polymer/crosslinker dispensing device was recently developed by the Research Institute of new century company of Dagang Bureau

the skid mounted polymer/crosslinker dispensing device adopts a modular design. In a minimum space, this value is therefore called the constant extension stress to complete the dispersion, dissolution, aging, feeding of polymer solution and the dispensing of crosslinker solution. The key technology is the stability of polymer solution concentration; The whole set of devices can be moved and disassembled quickly; Accuracy of automatic control

technical indicators: the injection volume is 150-22, and the future is 5 cubic meters/day. The concentration of prepared mother liquor is 5000mg/L, the injection concentration is 1200-1700mg/L, the injection pressure is 16-20mpa, and the number of injection wells is 2-4

this device can not only perform polymer flooding, but also profile control of oil wells. Its remarkable advantages are less investment in the early stage, less on-site construction workload, low cost, high degree of automation and reliable operation

this device with its complete functions and compact structure fully meets the requirements of oil displacement and profile control of products that can collect primary plastic for polymerization. Its successful development has created necessary and favorable conditions for increasing and stabilizing oil production, and has great popularization value and far-reaching and great social significance

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