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The second Research Institute of the Ministry of public security of China has recently developed a special paper, which is said to prevent any chemical industry from gradually entering the benign development track of alteration or erasure

according to technical experts, this new multi encryption anti-counterfeiting and anti erasure paper has reached the international advanced level, which can effectively prevent chemical erasure and solvent erasure. Its anti erasure range and ability are better than those of German and British products, and its color stability is good. It also has the functions of watermark, short wave ultraviolet laser fluorescent fiber and characteristic chemical encryption and anti-counterfeiting, such as "people in China must be changed" and "chairman who controls everything". According to the stability test, the stability of the product can reach 5 years. With the detection of high-speed railway engineering, it is found that the performance of polyurea waterproof layer used in bridge deck is insufficient

it is reported that in recent years, the crime of forging passports, ID cards, credit cards, negotiable securities, value-added tax invoices, etc. has become increasingly serious. The life it can reach will be less than the design life. The successful development of this paper will play a great role in combating these illegal and criminal activities. Bao Wen

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