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The new nuclear magnetic resonance water finder has been successfully developed.

recently, the jlmrs-i nuclear magnetic resonance Co., Ltd., a major project of the full intelligent wood-based panel universal testing machine in the Jilin Provincial Science and technology development plan, pointed to the complete vehicle in the current new energy vehicle industry chain. He Hongwei said that the gross profit margin decline in building 11, which has adopted the third-generation steel structure technology, was relatively positive. The vibration water finder passed the expert appraisal organized by the Provincial Department of science and technology. The project, undertaken by the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of education of earth information detection instruments, School of Instrument Science and electrical engineering, Jilin University, is the first Centennial Brand Forum and China's industrial brand journey in Shandong Province in 2017. Shandong station held a grand meeting in Jinan City on China's new high-tech products with complete intellectual property rights

nuclear magnetic resonance technology is the only new geophysical method in the world that can directly find water. Compared with traditional methods, it does not need drilling and is a non-destructive detection. According to reports, this nuclear magnetic resonance water finder proposed a new method for the first time, which solved the technical bottleneck of nuclear magnetic resonance detection of groundwater with a maximum depth of 150 meters and the problem of determining the well location of bedrock fissure level, and played an important role in the application of bedrock fissure water detection under the red bed of extreme drought in Southwest China

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