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Precautions for super full open printing couplets

as the new year approaches, the special edition printing couplets will successively occupy the printing volume of the full open printing machine. Based on past experience, the special edition couplets of super full open printing will enter the peak in November, due to the lack of common sense of the full open special edition couplets printing in the market, As a result, there are errors in document processing and understanding of ultra wide open printing process when printing ultra wide open special edition couplets. With the recovery or error of economy, here are some common sense problems of printing common sense of ultra wide open printing couplets

I. document production of super full open printing couplets:

when making documents of special edition printing full open couplets, we should consider the pattern content of printing couplets. If the cutting position around Shanghai printing company is field color and there is no lace decoration, it can be set as one size fits all. On the contrary, if there is a pattern of design lace decoration at the cutting position, there must be a safe bleeding position of at least 3mm at the four sides

II. Film output of ultra full open printing couplets:

at present, CTP output of full open printing has been fully popularized, but CTP equipment of full open printing is still blank temporarily, so CTP output plate making has not been adopted for full open printing, so traditional film plate making needs to be output. Full open printing couplets, whether spot color printing or four-color printing, must output full open printing films, Generally, the cost of fully open output film is higher than that of folio film. Nano-SiO2 is used for vapor-phase SiO2. At present, the factory tax is 2080, and a set of four-color full open film is close to 400 yuan, and a set of ultra full open printing film of 1.6x1.2 meters is more than 900 yuan. This cost is usually easy to be ignored by customers. Pay attention

III. The extensive silicon production capacity of Vesta and its deep expertise in the field of precision thermoplastic extrusion can form a supplementary post-processing production for Lubrizol's business:

after cutting the finished product, as a separate product, it is necessary to have corresponding independent packaging. Each special edition printing couplet and horizontal batch are usually packed in independent pop bags, because the full opening couplet has a long specification, It often takes three to four discounts before bagging, and the packaging is currently all manually packed, so the printing and processing time of a relatively large number of special edition couplets is relatively long, and the production time of printing should be properly reserved when placing an order

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