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Precautions for the maintenance of refrigeration equipment of Zhengzhou Changcheng science and technology industry and trade

refrigeration equipment is a device that combines a refrigerator with facilities that use cooling capacity. The purpose of designing and building refrigeration devices is to effectively use cold energy to refrigerate food or other items; Carry out energy test and scientific research test under the condition that the maximum amplitude of product performance is 33 at low temperature; In industrial production to achieve some cooling process, or performance of air conditioning. When items are cooled or frozen, they will release a certain amount of heat, and the enclosure structure of the refrigeration device will also transfer a certain amount of heat when in use. Therefore, in order to maintain the low temperature conditions in the refrigeration device, a refrigerator must be installed in order to continuously remove these heat, or use the melting of ice or the sublimation of dry ice to absorb these heat. This paper mainly introduces the precautions for the maintenance of refrigeration equipment in Zhengzhou Changcheng science and technology industry and Trade Co., Ltd

if you need to vacuum when repairing the refrigerator on the door, you can use the compressor of the refrigerator to evacuate itself. First, weld the original filter with a three hole type, weld a long thin copper pipe in the bypass hole next to the air inlet hole for exhaust, insert the pipe orifice into a bottle of refrigerant oil, weld other interfaces, install the three-way valve and Freon cylinder, close the valve, and operate with power on to evacuate. At this time, pay attention to observation. When there are no bubbles at the exhaust pipe orifice in the refrigerant oil, unscrew the three-way valve, inject a small amount of refrigerant and close the valve. Before the refrigerant bubbles are completely discharged at the exhaust port, quickly clamp the bypass exhaust pipe near the filter with sealing pliers, cut off the excess part, and then stop the machine or fill the refrigerant

for refrigerators that have been used for a long time, there will be a lot of flocculent dust between the steel window bars of the condenser, which is not easy to remove. When repairing, you can use the weak scattered fire from the helpless oxygen liquefied gas welding gun to burn it, and it is easy to have the function of automatic return after the experiment, and clean it with a brush

small steel cylinders for portable welding tools are often filled with little gas at room temperature when they are connected with large liquefied gas cylinders. Before inflation, put the small steel cylinder in the refrigerator for several hours, and then put the large liquefied gas cylinder upside down and dock with the small cylinder for filling, so as to increase the filling amount and bring convenience to use

for the three-way valve and refrigerant bottle opening valve used in the maintenance of refrigeration equipment, the sealing gasket will age over time and lose its sealing effect. Some specifications of rubber rings are not easy to buy, so they can be replaced by rubber rings with appropriate inner and outer diameters for the transmission wheel of the radio cassette recorder movement. When replacing the sealing rubber ring of the rotary rod of the three-way valve needle, apply some synthetic silicone grease between the rubber ring and the rotary rod (ordinary engine oil will aggravate the aging of the rubber ring), which can strengthen the sealing effect

when repairing the refrigerator, it is difficult to directly weld the iron pipe joint of the condenser with phosphorus copper welding rod, especially for beginners. Although they have been treated repeatedly, the crater is still poor. When welding iron pipes, you can use sandpaper to remove paint and rust at the weld first. If 3D printing is deeply changing the world, the coating must be scraped off. After the iron pipe is heated by the welding gun, a thin layer of brass solder is fused and welded at the welding place with a brass welding rod dipped in borax, and then the copper pipe to be welded is sleeved. Finally, it is very convenient to weld with a phosphorus copper welding rod

in case of corrosion failure of the refrigerator evaporator with a large freezer, if it is necessary to coil the bent copper pipe on the original grid evaporator for replacement, it can be tied with the nylon lock strap that binds the electrical circuit, which is fast and firm, especially suitable for door-to-door repair

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