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Precautions for art paper printing (III)

4 Pattern paper

designers and printers continue to seek unique design styles to make their works stand out. Many times, patterned paper can make them icing on the cake. This kind of high-quality paper products have a soft feel and a gorgeous appearance. The finished products are more noble and pleasing to the eye. There are many kinds of patterned paper, each with its own characteristics, which is higher than ordinary paper. Patterned paper can be divided into the following:

(1) papermaking

papermaking is the most traditional and commonly used method to make paper produce texture. This process is usually inserted in the papermaking process. The wet paper is placed between two absorbent soft flannelette, and the lines and textures of the flannelette will be printed on the paper. This process is divided into single-sided or double-sided printing. The lines and patterns of papermaking such as Ganggu striped paper are faint and soft. Some imported papermaking papers contain cotton, so the texture is softer, natural and full of toughness, which is suitable for packaging and printing

(2) antique effect paper

many customers and graphic designers have a special preference for high-quality, plain colored uncoated paper, and they love the warmth and richness of this kind of paper most. In addition, book publishers also require more durable paper, and hope that the paper is fresh and stiff to ensure stable and consistent printing effect. The products designed with antique effect paper are simple, beautiful and elegant. As shown in Figure 7

(3) dopant and special effect paper

environmental protection trend is popular, and spotted paper came into being. In order to achieve the effect of natural recycling, pulp was added with a variety of impurities. The amount and size of impurities should be controlled appropriately. If the number of impurities on the paper is too large, it will destroy the graphic effect, and if it is too small, it will make people feel sticky and dirty. At present, there are many kinds of paper with impurities on the market for users to choose, and some environmentally friendly recycled paper is added with impurities such as ore, snow, petals and so on. Its manufacturing techniques include adding dyes in the sizing process to make the paper form spots or create a parchment effect. This kind of paper is popular with consumers, and is the first choice for all kinds of certificates, book covers, restaurant recipes and wine lists. Due to the paper appearance with special effects, designers often use it as the preferred paper for printing simple prints and boring manuscripts, such as various financial statements of listed companies' annual reports, which can make the layout active and attract eyeballs

(4) uncoated pattern paper

both printers and designers praise uncoated paper that is beautiful and feels good. In order to make the printed matter achieve a better visual effect, it has a high-end and gorgeous feeling. The natural texture of uncoated textured paper and the printability effect of coated paper are both inclusive. Both sides of this paper have passed through special places, and you can't just look at the price at that time when purchasing it, so that the water absorption of the paper is reduced, so that the printing ink stays on the surface of the paper, so that the texture effect of the ink is better. The metal pearlescent finish series paper can change with the viewing angle of human eyes, and the effect after printing is better

(5) Ganggu paper

Ganggu brand special paper was created in 1888, initially using conqueror London Castle watermark, until the early 1990s, it was changed to Knight plus English watermark. This distinctive watermark is world-famous and has become the symbol and code of high-quality commercial, writing and printing paper. It is sold in more than 80 countries and regions around the world and is deeply loved by hotels, banks, enterprises and even government agencies around the world. Ganggu paper is divided into noble, smooth, grain, concept, digital and other categories

(6) "Ningcai" pearlescent pattern paper

the tone of paper can produce different color feelings according to the change of viewing angle accounting for 43.4%. Its luster is formed by the dispersion and refraction of light to the paper surface, with a "silver flash" effect, so the printing of metal patterns will be very excellent. It is suitable for making all kinds of high-end, exquisite and modern fashion prints. The cover of a high-end book or the case of a hardcover book

the paper is smooth, bright and smooth, suitable for all kinds of printing processes and processing means, such as four-color offset printing, rolling cutting, hot stamping, etc

it is recommended to use oxidized conjunctival dry ink, and the gloss of the ink may not be as good as that of the paper itself

(7) "star mining" metal pattern paper

metal "star mining" pattern paper is a kind of art paper that breaks through tradition and brand-new concepts. It not only maintains the classic and aesthetic feeling inherent in high-grade paper, but also has the positive and negative metal tones creatively. It is luxurious but not tacky, stable but not publicized, which makes it show a strong temperament that is very different from general art paper

due to the adoption of new technology, the metal characteristics of "xingcai" never fall off, and the paper is smooth, but it adds infinite courage to the printing effect. It is applicable to all kinds of printing technologies and special processes, especially the performance of hot stamping process. It is suggested that the line should be 130 ~ 150 lines/inch when printing, and the ink should be accentuated when printing on dark metal patterned paper

metal "xingcai" can be used to make all kinds of high-end printing materials, such as paper used as product samples, covers of annual reports and books, and various packaging boxes

(8) gold paper

gold paper is qualitatively different from traditional gold foil. Traditional gold foil can only form prints with the help of transparent materials, and cannot be directly colored for printing. Using 24K gold as the material, the gold paper developed by using nano high technology can not only make the color image directly printed on gold, but also retain the style and performance of gold. It has the characteristics of oxidation resistance, discoloration resistance, moisture resistance and moth resistance, avoiding the shortcomings of traditional paper and books that are easy to mildew and moth eaten. Theoretically, it can be stored for ten thousand years. The gold paper used in "the prosperous age of China" is the latest generation of products that automatically alarm and automatically close the road when the sample leaks or breaks. It has higher scientific and technological content and cultural content. Its appearance is more similar to ancient rice paper and newspapers, especially its flame retardancy has made a major breakthrough for the first time. The 20 gold plates of the text are printed in four colors in the format of "if there is no economy", with pictures and texts, a total of nearly 160000 words, and 300 gold plate pictures of people, scenery, etc. the amount of gold paper and the size of the page are unprecedented, which is unprecedented in the history of gold plate printing

in addition, in addition to different paper types, special paper is also dyed into different colors, which has a very strong decorative effect. Special paper has many advantages, but it also has shortcomings

first, the price is expensive. Ordinary embossed paper is much more expensive than the same kind of paper with the same quantity. Therefore, customers can't afford large quantities of picture books printed with embossed paper due to price factors, so they are generally only used for the design and printing of covers or important materials

second, most special papers have good absorption and strong penetration, but due to uneven lines, the ink penetrates into the gap during printing, especially the large-area field version, which is difficult to dry and easy to get dirty. When printing four-color overprinted figure images, the tone is relatively dull. When consumers who don't like soft tones don't understand why the color of products printed with special paper is not bright enough, when printing with special paper, we must communicate the printing effect with customers to avoid unnecessary losses

third, when printing colored special paper, it should be noted that the surface of dark special paper cannot print four-color images. Only printing inks with metallic luster or spot color can be printed, such as gold, silver, spot color, etc

if a four-color eye tone image is printed on the surface of light tone special paper such as light beige, light green, light blue, light pink, etc., the color will be biased. Generally, the tone will be biased towards the color of the paper surface. Therefore, it is best not to use colored paper to print eye-catching images during design. However, if you can correctly use the works designed with special paper of different styles and colors, there will be unexpected special effects, which will make your works icing on the cake and add a lot of color

fourth, using various post press processing methods on the surface of special paper will also produce different styles. For example, hot stamping and embossing on the surface of special paper are very good


there are many kinds of special paper, which is the general name of all kinds of special purpose paper or art paper. Now sellers collectively refer to embossed paper and other art paper as special paper, mainly to simplify the confusion of terms caused by a wide variety. Designers and printers should pay special attention to the selection. Sometimes the varieties are a little different, and the price difference is great. Whether it is ordinary paper or special paper, its surface has different textures. People have different feelings of smoothness, roughness, delicacy and whiteness. We can make different choices according to the surface properties of the substrate, and design works that are in line with the trend, personalized and different styles, To show the theme of the design and make the prints practical and beautiful

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