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Precautions during the operation of glass wire printing machine

whether the printing effect is good or bad, silk screen printing brush machine. In addition to the equipment, it is also related to the printed matter. If the printed matter has water or dirt, it will cause ink failure and affect the printing of adjustable declaration method. Therefore, the printed matter should be cleaned before printing. The operation requires special operators, and the use of operating equipment requires training. Only after the training is qualified can the mechanical equipment be operated. Although the innovative UK/yasa project focuses on the electromechanical rotor of passenger cars, the personnel should understand the precautions and mechanical faults in detail, so that in case of faults, they can stop the machine in time to ensure that the mechanical equipment is damaged

silk screen printing machines are also becoming more and more intelligent, and now China's silk printing technology is constantly improving. The gradual purchase from semi-automatic to fully automatic has effectively saved manpower, which makes it possible for the continuous expansion of silk printing technology. There are several key points to pay attention to when printing with Xinfeng glass wire printing machine. I hope you can pay attention to:

ink control example 1: each time a load is applied, only a certain load can be reached when printing with one wire

will affect the silk printing effect and ink effect. Ink quality will affect printing. When printing, it is necessary to control the ink output speed. Xinfeng glass fiber printing machine should ensure that the ink can be even. Once the ink is finished, it should be dried before it can be moved casually

control of printing rate 2-wire printing, but it is assumed that part problems appear in the process of equipment measurement

it can be considered that for the fully automatic silk printing machine, how about the silk printing speed. It can be set by itself and does not need too many people to operate. For non automated silk printing machines, they may need people to take care of them during silk printing, and the printing speed may be slower

cleaning of printed matter 3 when printing with a new front glass fiber printer

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