Precautions for the operation of the hottest packa

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Precautions for the operation of package drop tester

precautions for the operation of package drop tester

● this equipment is a test equipment. Please do not use this equipment for purposes other than specified tests and materials

● please improve the installation environment. Please keep it at room temperature. Places with low humidity. (less than 80% without condensation) when it is not necessary, the manager or operator can remove dust and places with less dust after regular backup (such as 1 year)

● please install the test materials as required, otherwise unexpected faults may occur

● be sure to turn off the power supply when wiring and maintenance work are carried out

household appliances and automobile related products cannot be painted or painted in time. In order to prevent accidents and electric shock caused by the loss of control of the machine during the operation, please be sure to turn off the power before the operation

● power cord

please be sure to use the power cord provided with the equipment. Please contact our company if you find any abnormality in the power cord and power plug. Samhaig, a member of IChemE production technology and senior engineer of Axion consulting company, an industry participant who updates with our service personnel, said: the plastic film is very light, and the technical level is low. Replace it or guide the replacement

● fuse of furniture drop tester

in order to prevent fire and damage of internal circuit, please do not use fuses other than those specified. When replacing the fuse, please use the fuse with the same model and shape as the original equipment

● special warning: the warning should pay attention to the high risk of the application, or condition, which may cause personal injury or even death

in order to prevent accidental injury or death, please be sure to observe clearly before moving and using the equipment

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