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Digital prepress design considerations

knowing more design content suitable for digital printing can reduce the difficulties in printing and avoid mistakes. Generally, files used for digital printing should be flexible and simple, without very accurate chromatic registration, color matching or accurate double-sided registration. Contact your digital printing factory and they will give you suggestions on special design, image and software settings

large format design

you don't need to always limit the design to the standard format size. Web digital printing machines, such as Chromapress of Agfa, can print large formats because they use continuous paper tapes. You can print posters and flags up to 11.8 meters long

enrich black

when printing black (especially superimposed text), black is usually mixed with a certain proportion of other three colors to enrich black. The rich black makes the color at the bottom not transparent. The proportion of other three colors varies with different printing machines, paper types, background colors, and the overall effect you want. (HOHO note: generally don't add all four colors, mainly 20% blue is enough, and black will look better)


to prevent uneven stripes in color mixing or gradient, the gradient is usually controlled within 1 to 4 inches. Use lighter colors with a gradient of no more than 50%. Using image processing software to add noise to the gradient can also help reduce unevenness


some printing systems provide processing technology options that can improve the quality of halftone images. You can ask the operator of the printing plant for samples that must be printed with corresponding fixtures under different screen and color adjustment settings, so as to select the settings that are most suitable for you

high key and dark key

the best critical value of high key part and dark key part varies with different printing presses. Generally speaking, the highlight part cannot be lower than 5% C, 3% m and Y; The dark part shall not be higher than 85% C. breaking load - 75% m and y of the force causing fracture in tension, contraction, zigzag or change experiments

field and gradient

stripes will appear on large-area field or flat printing machines using toner, which should be avoided. This is caused by uneven distribution of charging charge or toner particles. Because the affinity of thicker paper for charge is poorer than that of thinner paper, the above phenomenon is especially true for thick paper. To avoid this, you can use lighter colors or shading

folding hands

for printers using dry toner, please avoid placing the dark part on the paper folding hands. If the high temperature fixing is not appropriate, the toner at the paper folding hands will crack, leaving turtle cracks. Therefore, if possible, try to print lighter colors or leave blank at the creases. In addition, to prevent rough creases, make sure that the folded hand is aligned along the paper texture

cutting and binding

you need to know clearly that the printing machine adapts to the size of the paper, and the more bleeding and cutting edges are left, the better, so as to facilitate cutting, especially on the web printing machine or when binding with attached pages, when you use riding nails for binding, in order to compensate for the extrusion of the middle page about Sandvik Group: you must use g. after the test, you can automatically archive and manually archive the binding fine-tuning to adjust the position of each page content. (HOHO note: This is a very important link, you must pay attention to)


when using the path clipping function in Adobe Photoshop, the smoothness of the general image is 5 or 6 For very small images, when creating a path, use smoothness 1 or 2, and then set the smoothness to 5 when storing the path. In addition, 1-bittiff may have problems during printing, please convert it to gray-scale TIFF or bitmap pict format

iiiustrator, please convert the text font into a path

quarkxpress, avoid rotating the graphics in the graphics box alone, but rotate the entire graphics box


if you want to change the image or text for personalized printing, you must make sure that the alternative elements are suitable for the same position and the size of the variable position. Each page requires at least two proofs containing different alternative elements, so that you can ensure that different elements are correctly placed in the same position

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