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Precautions for water isolating constant temperature incubator

1. The incubator may not be used for a long time after being stored. At this time, it should be ensured that the inside and outside of the incubator are clean, and the water in the water jacket should be discharged

2. At present, the incubator itself has no explosion-proof device, so inflammables and explosives are not allowed to be placed around the product

3. The shell of the incubator must be prevented from being on a flat ground and effectively grounded to ensure safe use

4. Although the incubator itself has anti-corrosion function, the anti-corrosion function will be reduced if it is stored for a long time, so it is necessary to apply neutral grease or Vaseline on electroplated parts to prevent corrosion

5. The shell of the incubator needs to be covered with a plastic dust cover, and the incubator should be placed in a dry room to prevent the temperature controller from being damaged by moisture

6. The items in the box must not be placed too crowded or too heavy, and a space must be left around to facilitate the circulation of hot air and prevent the shelf from being damaged

7. The incubator should be placed in the room with good ventilation conditions on the road, which is conducive to dehumidification and dehumidification

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