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Precautions for self-made Mini DVD

first, comprehensively understand what is mini DVD

--- I believe everyone knows that mini DVD is derived from standard DVD, but what is the difference between Mini DVD and standard DVD? To fully understand what Mini DVD is, we must first understand the main performance of DVD (as described below)

DVD, which is currently the most widely used, is also called DVD-Video. Its main performance is:

★ the data capacity of each single-sided single-layer disc is 4.7GB, which can accommodate about 133 minutes of audio and video programs

★ multi sound function: up to 8 kinds of sound can be loaded, and each kind of sound can have up to 8 channels

★ multi subtitle function: up to 32 kinds of subtitles can be loaded, and the user can choose any one

★ variable picture aspect ratio: wide screen movies can be played with different screen ratios such as 4:3 or 16:9

★ multi angle viewing film and AC-3, TDS audio coding technology

generally speaking, there are two definitions of mini DVD. One is that minidvd is a small DVD as the name suggests, which is to burn MPEG2 files equivalent to DVD effect to CD-R or CD-RW. Because an ordinary CD-R disc is only 650mb-700mb, the program it can hold is only about 15 minutes-20 minutes, so the DVD made with ordinary CD-R can only be called mini DVD. The second theory is the function theory, that is, mini DVD is also the simplest DVD. Due to various factors, the mini DVD made by ordinary users cannot have the main performance that the standard DVD should have, so the mini DVD made is far lower than the standard DVD in terms of function, which is from the economic characteristics of mini DVD. Imagine that if Mini DVD has full DVD functions: 8 kinds of accompanying sound, 32 kinds of subtitles, wide screen movies can be played with different screen ratios such as 4:3 or 16:9, multi angle viewing movies and 5.1 channel, AC-3, TDS audio coding technology, the DVD movies it plays will take more than three minutes at most, and the production cost is hard to imagine. Even if such Mini DVD can be made, it will lose its own value and significance. So I think Mini DVD should include these two aspects

II. Comparison between Mini DVD and common video file formats (as shown in Figure 1)

III. what are the advantages and disadvantages of mini DVD

--- made of thermoplastic composites such as high temperature resistance, long glass fiber reinforcement, long chain nylon, GMT, carbon fiber composites, peek and other special plastics, Yu Du is the special production method of Lingbao Tiandi science and technology ecological Co., Ltd., Lueyang Jiamu Eucommia Industrial Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Ankang Heye company. Minidvd has two inherent advantages: high picture quality and low cost. Its disadvantage is short recording time. Therefore, we should extend and avoid shortcomings in practical application

IV. how about the compatibility of self-made Mini DVD? Are the traditional discrete components 74ls193 also burry

--- with the growing maturity of CD-RW recorder and CD-R blank disc production technology, at present, self-made Mini DVD can be 99.99% compatible with CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. it can be said that it can be played on any computer with cd-romdvd-rom (unless the computer component itself has problems or the speed is too low to read data smoothly)

the compatibility between self-made Mini DVD and DVD player is about to be separated. Although DVD player came out in 1994, the technology was not mature at that time, and early products must not play mini DVD This situation has changed with the application of dual chip and dual decoding technology in DVD players. If DVD players produced from 2001 to the end of 2002 adopt this technology, it is possible to play mini DVDs. Remember, it is not certain that they can play mini DVDs. At the same time, it is not that machines that can play mini DVDs can play them normally (for example, some machines can only play images but not sound) The year 2003 is a year of epoch-making progress for DVD players. The application of single-chip full decoding technology has completely solved the compatibility problems that have plagued DVD players for many years. At present, New DVD players of domestic brands panda, Qisheng, Wanlida, Jinzheng, Xiaxin, Xianke and Bubugao fully adopt single-chip full decoding technology. DVD players produced by this technology can be fully compatible with mini DVD, CD-R, CD-RW, dvd+r, MP3 HCOD、SVCD、VCD、CD。 It can be said that the DVD players produced now can be described as "ripe apples" in the real sense

your self-made Mini DVD can be played with it, which can ensure 100% compatibility. Blessed are the friends who just bought or are preparing to buy a DVD player

v. audio and video settings that should be paid attention to when making mini DVDs from DV films

--- making minidvd is basically the same as making VCD, and we should mainly pay attention to its settings. The following is the sound and shadow 6 software to explain the correct settings. Huisheng Huiying 6 is a commonly used video software. It is simple to use and has practical functions. It can be used to capture DV videos from hard disk to mini DVD. So it is a popular software. However, if you want to make Mini DVD, you cannot use its default settings, otherwise the self-made Mini DVD will not play normally on the DVD player. The specific settings are shown in the figure below

although the maximum data transmission rate of mini DVD can reach 9.8mbps, it is OK to choose 4Mbps for DV movies. No matter how large it is, it will not help to improve its definition, but will only make the MPEG2 file increase its volume under the same length of time

* excessive data transmission rate will cause the MPEG2 files contained in this disc to be relatively short in duration and cannot be played normally on DVD player, which is the main reason for modifying the default settings of the software

VI. the setting of TMPGEnc (little Japan) that should be paid attention to when making mini DVD of DV film is through the ldpe/lldpe combination of precise allocation

--- TMPGEnc (little Japan) is also a familiar soft decompression software. As above, we cannot directly use its default settings, which must be slightly modified. As shown in the figure below,

excessive data transmission rate will cause the MPEG2 files contained in this disc to be relatively short in duration and cannot be played normally on the DVD player, which is the main reason for modifying the default settings of the software

VII. Recognize relevant theoretical knowledge:

cbr and VBR: CBR is a constant bit rate and is collected with a certain amount of data regardless of the picture. VBR is a variable compensation bit rate. When a picture instantly has multi-point motion and transformation (explosion, shallow water splash, high-speed push and pull of the lens, etc.), VBR will collect with a high amount of data to better express the details. At this time, if CBR is selected, it is easy to produce scratch, which is commonly known as codesaic, With VBR, we can get video rate compensation. Especially when recording files with high bit rate, the quality of VBR recorded files is better than CBR

VIII. Precautions when burning Mini DVD:

--- the key to burning Mini DVD is to pay attention to the stability during burning. Before burning, check whether the computer software and hardware systems are in the best and most stable condition. When burning the disc, you must ensure the quality and surface cleanliness. As for the recording software, I recommend using the vcdsvcddvd three in one recording software that comes with hui6. I think its compatibility and stability are not bad. After all, professional DVD recording software is not required to record Mini DVD

after engraving, use the printer to make its CD cover and CD surface (as shown in the figure below), so far a minidvd is all made

IX. talk about DVD recorder format and future mainstream format

--- Mini DVD disc must be a transitional "product", and the mainstream in the future must be DVD disc. At present, the formats of DVD recorders include: DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, dvd+r, dvd+rw. These DVD recorders have different formats, but the dvd+r/rw format is the most compatible with DVD players and the mainstream product in the future, and it will eventually become the king of DVD recording formats

X. recommend an economical DVD player and DVD recorder

in the DVD player, I recommend the new DVD of Wanlida, which is cheap and good. The model is dvp-366 (as shown in the figure below)

reference price: 600 yuan

the main features of the machine:

ultra thin progressive scanning PDVD, ultra-thin body 5.5cm

the sound and color interpretation is more wonderful with the highly integrated single-chip scheme

with Sony dust-proof movement, the machine has a longer service life

built in AC-3, picture-cd and HDCD decoding

interpret picture-cd discs and impressive electronic photo albums

compatible with high resolution HDCD discs

coaxial audio, 5.1 channel and 2 channel output

composite video, s terminal, y/pb (CB)/pr (CR) component video signal output

switching regulated power supply, automatic power-off function

in the DVD recorder, I recommend using Taidian Nuwa 4x dvd-dual, which adopts dvd+-r/rw dual format and has good compatibility (as shown in the following figure)

reference price: 790 yuan

for us to burn DVD discs, we recommend using dvd+r discs. The burning speed of burning dvd+r discs is 4x on the recorder

the above DVD players are fully compatible with DVD recorders (using dvd+r discs to make DVDs), and the total price is no more than 1400 yuan, which is really a more economical and practical combination at this stage

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