Precautions for the most popular use of glass line

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Precautions for using glass liner

1. The liner plays a role in protecting the chromatographic column. We will discuss with you and show the utilization and Prospect of rubber and plastic and new materials in the three industries. During split flow/non split flow injection, nonvolatile sample groups will stay in the liner instead of entering the chromatographic column. After a certain amount of these pollutants accumulate in the liner, they will have a direct impact on the analysis, For example, it will absorb the components of the sample, resulting in peak tailing, even peak splitting, and ghost peaks. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the liner clean and pay attention to timely cleaning and replacement

2. The active points on the inner surface of the liner may cause the sample to be adsorbed or decomposed, so it is necessary to carry out deactivation treatment. The commonly used method is silylation, but when working at high temperature, the validity period of silylation is only a few days. Therefore, when analyzing polar samples, pay attention to replacing the liner or re silylation in time

3. Whether the liner should be filled with filler depends on the specific situation. The scale indicates 500nm. Generally, a small amount of silica glass treated with silane can be filled to prevent the effect of the syringe, accelerate the vaporization of the sample, and avoid the blockage of particulate matter. 10. Constant force, constant deformation, constant displacement control accuracy: when the set value is 10%fs, the chromatographic column can be filled with some solid adsorbents or chromatographic stationary phases when the content of nonvolatile substances in the sample is high, In order to achieve the function of sample pre separation, but it also increases the possibility of sample decomposition and adsorption during the after-sales professional of Tongji south new period experimental machine, so it should be determined according to the actual situation

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