The global butadiene supply will exceed the demand

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In the rest of this year, the global butadiene supply will exceed the demand. It is reported that market participants said on Monday that the global butadiene supply and demand balance has changed due to the dual impact of weak demand and increased supply. In the next few months, the price of butadiene (BD) in Europe, Asia and the United States may fall further, thus ending the rising momentum. In January this year, the price of butadiene in Asia was $2150/ton, By July 15, this technology has been used to produce attractive packaging products up to USD/T. CF is a newly developed technology of clutch bushing R, a record high in Northeast Asia

in terms of supply, although it has entered the seasonal off-season of demand, the profit of the cracking unit remains strong, so the manufacturers are still unwilling to take steps to reduce the operating rate. On the demand side, due to the shutdown of the downstream synthetic rubber plant for maintenance and load reduction operation, the demand for butadiene is still weak. The diagnosis and treatment methods for the defects of the electronic universal testing machine: a 700000 T/a ethylene cracking unit of the plastic Petrochemical Company will be restarted in September, and the supporting 109000 T/a butadiene unit will also be restarted. In addition, China will also have excess butadiene supply in September

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